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Poesía visual

Chema Madoz / Joan Brossa / Ramón Gómez de la Serna


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Size: 15x22 cm

Includes Fotopoemario and Nuevas greguerías

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Fotopoemario is a set of interlinked photographs and poems created by two different authors with a common starting point: the search for the poetical sense of objects. These are objects with life of their own found by the brilliant poet Joan Brossa that enclose a story. and they play leading roles in the visual poems of photographer Chema Madoz (Spain’s National Photography Award 2000). Both authors, unique in terms of style, find a delicate balance in this book that overcomes any possible attempt at classification and association.

Humour + metaphor = greguería. That is the definition that Ramón Gómez de la Serna gave for the new genre he invented, based on brief phrases that define everyday reality from a symbolic, playful perspective. These are poetry pills; images that transform reality and that maintain a perfect dialogue with the photographs by Chema Madoz (Spain’s National Photography Award 2000) in a book that collects unpublished material by two brilliant authors, distant in time but sharing a personal viewpoint. A true gem.

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