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Emilio Morenatti

Prólogo de Marta Ramoneda



Size: 13x18 cm

Light, colour, expression, perspective, invisibility, naturalness…

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Emilio Morenatti´sphotography is to "convey a message as clearly as possible to the largest possible number of people", as he once said. As a photojournalist, he has used his position to show us the scenes beyond the news, to insist on those stories that information’s short expiry date has condemned to oblivion or simply to relate society´s daily life to us by means of an image.

His commitment to the profession is constant and unswerving, as is clear in his recent works on cholera in Haiti and the revolution in Egypt.

Light, colour, expression, perspective, invisibility, naturalness… are all elements that stand out in Morenatti’s photography and are practically essential in order to pass the self-imposed filter of the most rigourous selection. It is not a question of aesthetics for sake of aesthetics but of a desire to reach the reader, to make things easy for him or her when the time comes to see the photo and focus attention where appropriate in order to savour the rest afterward.

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