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Rafael Trobat

Prólogo de Chema Conesa



Size: 13x18 cm

The passion for a fascinating Nicaragua

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« In order to achieve greater reality and closeness to what is being presented in his pictures, he seeks the position of the photographer who is absent at the moment of taking the shot, hidden from sight of his models, with no interventions in what takes place in front of his lens. Having taken this decision he only had to find a setting fitting his intents in order to fulfil his imaginative potential, and he chose life, with ironic complicity in his gaze, seeking reality itself within this wink to the unreal and the absurd. The marks left from among the figures who have inspired his photographic ideal imaginary are those of Koudelka, Cartier Bresson and Robert Frank, but the makes a point of adding Buñuel as an oneiric referent, understanding that the irrational nature of dreams forms the rationality of life, and that reference will be the essence of his photographic mix »  Chema Conesa

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