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Pepe Andreu



Size: 21x26 cm

Languages: eng

Contemporary design loaded with history.

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Pepe Andreu shows us his personal viewpoint when it comes to looking at a piece of furniture and points out the simplicity and elegance of the proportions of his creations.

A cabinet-maker before becoming a designer, Pepe Andreu bases his works on antiques: contemporary design loaded with history, always made in search of excellence and understanding design as something that should be closer to craftsmanship than to art.

Tireless, imaginative and curious, Andreu creates furniture with a soul that adapts itself to the personality and way of life of its owners. They are not pieces at the service of current fads and therefore they endure over time with authority and their own style.

The material he chooses is usually wood and he begins each piece analysing this material in order to learn every detail of its behaviour. Before beginning a piece, he makes a drawing, a mock-up and a prototype in search of the balance between material, form and function in which elegance and quality take priority.

The prologues to Pepe Andreu´s texts were written by David Linley, the chairman of Christie´s United Kingdom, Pablo Melendo, founder of Pablo Melendo Fine Art Consulting S.L., and Mónica Piera, who has her doctorate in art history and is the president of the Association for Furniture Study.


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