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Àlex de Fluvià (Vital Mantra)


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Vital Mantra brings together the most relevant pieces made by the abstract artist Àlex de Fluvià, along twenty years of work in Barcelona, New York, Cairo, Tokyo and Dubai.

De Fluvià created a universe of elements, taken from graffiti, arabesque, Shodo calligraphy and photography, juxtaposed with his Mediterranean roots. The result is an “experience-based cultural tapestry” expressed in an extremely recognisable visual language. Gesture and repetition of the calligraphic stroke generates rhythm and superposition; it gathers elements and fragments which make up collage layers, veilings, transparencies and weaves — latticework —, expanding and contracting to speak of the essential: life, poetry, knowledge, suffering and hope.

Àlex de Fluvià (1966-2015) was a painter, photographer and musician. He established himself as an artist during the nineties, in New York. He later moved to Egypt, fascinated by arabesque and the essence of mashrabia (latticework). In 2006 he studied Japanese calligraphy (shodo) in Tokyo and his work started incorporating Japanese elements. Later, during his stay in Dubai, his visual language evolved, highlighting the beauty of Arabic writing. His last pieces mix photography and painting, producing rich surfaces with marks and fluorescent colours.

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