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Pilar Pequeño (Huellas / Traces)


Texts: Rosa Olivares and María Teresa Gutiérrez Barranco
Pages: 96
Format: Landscape
Images: 50 (apx.)
Binding: hardcover
Language: eng.—esp.

Pilar Pequeño’s portrayal of time, climate, memory and ruin at two abandoned buildings in Spain.

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Pilar Pequeño defines ruin as “a photograph of consecutive presents, joined by nature. Ruins state a different time, which is not present nor past.”
Traces establishes a dialogue between two buildings—one in Galicia, in the area of the lower Miño, and the other one by the Mar Menor—whose ruins, after transiting the artist’s lens and sensitivity, come back to live and unveil their story and that of the dreams they hosted. A series of images, both in colour and black and white, taken between 2000 and 2016 in two different spaces, with different architecture, in almost opposite climate areas of spain, with different light and vegetation.
The project is organised in two parts, each dedicated to one of the two buildings. Mar Menor depicts a house that Pequeño “ran into” during a walk through the cost; she shoot it in black and white in 2000 and then returned in 2012 to shoot it again, this time in colour, under the bold Mediterranean light.
Baixo Miño shows images of a building that is deeply linked to the photographer’s childhood memories: an old school, later transformed into a concentration camp, it was the place where Pequeño’s father went to school and it was located very close to her family home.

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