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Gabriele Basilico (Entropy and urban space)


sizes: 31,5 x 25,5 cm

pages: 208

language: esp.-eng.

images: 150

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Gabriele Basilico photographs places which are suspended in time, without a history or a future, and this indetermination is precisely where their beauty and interest lay. His images go forward and reverse between nature and urban, thaht neutral space left in the middle, those terrain-vagues where city planings has succumbed to the conurbation's incherent expansion. These are photographs that reflect upon the end of the industrial cycle, upon ruins- both physical and ideological- of modernity, They are abd attemt to understand a new envoirement arisen fomr the ashes of industrial spaces and compact cities. Basilico's work turns abandoned industrial buildings, chaotic conurbations and contemporary ruins into monuments of post-modern landscape.

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