Pages: 128
Size: 20.5 x 27.5 cm
Images: 90
Language: fr.

Español: A la pata coja, Eduardo Arroyo

English: Hop Hopping, Eduardo Arroyo

The eclectic collection of photographs with feet raised above the ground, gathered by the artist Eduardo Arroyo.

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Eduardo Arroyo is an artist who collects photographs in an almost compulsive way. His archive includes thousands of photographs: cut out of magazines and newspapers, bought at street markets, found in old photograph albums ... Images taken by famous authors, reporters from press agencies, photographic studios, and also by anonymous photographers.

À CLOCHE-PIED brings together some of these photographs, comprising a volume that is an artwork itself. Images from all periods and genres that, nevertheless, have something in common: In all of them there are feet that have lost — or are just about to loose — contact with the ground. In all of them there are people raising a leg or jumping in the air or balancing or on top of something. All of them feature someone — or something — that seems to be ready to take off.

Eduardo Arroyo (Madrid, 1937) is a Spanish painter linked to Pop Art, who has been key to the Narrative Figuration and New Spanish Figuration movements. His work is present in highly regarded modern art museums both in Spain and abroad. He also creates set designs and illustrated books.

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