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Arunà Canevascini, Villa Argentina

Pages: 64
Images: 38
Size: 21 x 29 cm
Binding: Paperback with fold-out jacket
Language: English / Spanish
ISBN: 978-84-17048-65-5

The poetic universe of a mother and a daughter of Iranian origins, set in a house in Switzerland.

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Villa Argentina—the winning project of La Fábrica and Photo London’s Book Dummy Award in 2017—is a stunning photobook in which the Swiss photographer with Iranian roots Arunà Canevascini explores her relationship with her mother and the story of her family through captivating colour photographs and compositions with objects created for the camera.

Canevascini’s mother is an artist who spent her childhood in Tehran, in a living environment that she somehow replicates in her life as an adult. Villa Argentina, the family house in the South of Switzerland, is the setting for mother and daughter’s poetic and creative universe, the backdrop of a solitude à deux which they both share and which allows the photographer to speak of issues such as domesticity, femininity and migration.

Arunà Canevascini has a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography, ECAL (2013-2016) and a Diploma in Photography, CFC, École de Photographie de Vevey CEPV (2010-2012). Her work has been shown at Fri-ARt Kunsthalle, Friburgo, Germany (2017), Verzasca Foto Festival, Sonogno, Switzerland (2017), Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum, Athens (2017), Swiss Design Award, MCH Messe, Basel (2017), Riga Photomonth, Projection Facts and Clarifications, Riga (2017), Vfg Sicht, Photobastei, Zürich (2017) and the Festival Circulation(s) en Centquatre, Paris (2017), among others.

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