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El Medoc Alavés. La revolución del vino de Rioja

Ludger Mees

Pages: 174
Images: 34
Size: 16.5 x 13.5 cm
Laguage: español
ISBN: 978-84-17048-64-8

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El Medoc Alavés. La revolución del vino de Rioja [The Medoc Valley: The revolution of Rioja wine], by Ludger Mees, is an excellent, enjoyable history book focused in the popularization of our wines, which takes us back to the second half of the 19th century and shows the key role of wine growers at the time, as well as the importance of preserving local wines—all of it, through Mees’ entertaining and lucid writing and over 30 historical photographs and documents which illustrate its pages.

The Contemporary History professor Ludger Mees has done an impeccable documentation work, going to the original sources and recovering from the archives countless pieces of information that were previously unknown. This is a book that combines scientific rigor with an appealing and accessible writing, which allows the book to be read “as a true thriller,” in the words of a critic.

This superb story is a celebration and a gift for a whole generation of wine growers, who are ready to recover their vineyards, their wineries, their villages and their wines. At the same time, it offers all wine lovers the keys to finding an answer for the great question that inspired this book: How, when and under what circumstances did the success of Rioja wine start?

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