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Juan Uslé



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The Cuaderno de Artista (Artist’s Notebook) that accompanies volume R of the magazine Matador, entitled Bitácora Lux (Lux Logbook), brings together a set of 20 watercolours painted and personally chosen by the Cantabrian artist Juan Uslé: figurative annotations from a logbook in which the brightness of white attests to an endless journey. It is a sketched work which, just like life itself, does not stop and is constantly under construction; the solitude of the traveller, of explorers, within the solitude of the universe. The oeuvre of Uslé, one of the most prestigious artists on the international scene, is an urge that combines the purity of geometry and an abstraction which evokes lines, with the representation of a stressful reality that is ruthless in its indifference. Translucent layers, saturated colours, parallel lines, outlines and contours that evoke the distance between Spain and the United States, the country where Uslé has lived for over 25 years.

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