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Eñe 26. Hoteles. Mil aventuras



Illustrated by Max.

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This issue of Eñe includes authors of the stature of Rafael Argullol, whose trips throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa are very present in his literary work. Juan Pablo Meneses lived for three years in the Hotel España in Buenos Aires and in several other hotels with the same name. He gathered these experiences in a book called Hotel España.

Journeys and hotels are also part of the literary memory of Mario Cuenca Sandoval, Élmer Mendoza, Elvira Navarro, Ezio Neyra, Guillermo Saccomano, Juana Salabert, Carlos Salem and Pedro Zarraluqui and also of course of Sergio Vila-Sanjuán, author of Eñe´s Diary, of Javier Tomeo, author of the Private Library, and of Antonio Skármeta, who has given the magazine an autobiographical text which he read at the recent Eñe Festival in Lima.

The illustrations in Eñe 26 are by Max, the author of comics and an illustrator and founding member of the Vívoramagazine, winner of the 2007 Spanish National Comics Award.


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