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Eñe 30. Fútbol. El deporte reina




Illustrated by Victoria Matos

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In this issue the authors write about football, but not always as supporters of this sport; on the contrary, her stories sprang from the indifference, trouble and anger that some times generates the omnipresence of football nowadays.

Nine magnificent tales in which Marta Sanz, Clara Obligado, Giovanna Pollarolo, Ana María Moix, María Tena, Rita Indiana, Cristina Fallarás, Soledad Puértolas and Elisa Fuenzalida, approach football as they would have done with an other human act, feeling or social habit of a dramatic nature; in other words, as the trigger or backdrop of a plot. A parabola of virility associated to a sport traditionally consider of and for men (even if less and less), families with sons who play football,  parodies of well known teams and couples joined or separated by the fanaticism frequently related to this passion.

Besides, in Diario de Eñe(Eñe’s Journal) Berta Marsé’s confessions as writer and mother, Graciela Baquero presents six of the poems se read in the past edition of Festival Eñe celebrated in Madrid, Esther Tusquets opens the doors of her book collection (libraries) and the strong candidate to the Nobel Prize, Joyce Carol Oates, advances a fragment of her next novel My sister, my love.

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