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Eñe 41. Leed, leed, malditos




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The journal Eñe has reached issue 41 with an appeal for a push for the need to read today. Read,Read, Wicked Ones is the title of the spring issue which contains works by Fernando Iwasaki (Peru,1961), Ignacio del Valle (Oviedo,1971), Cristina Sánchez-Andrade (Santiago de Compostela, 1968), Guadalupe Nettel (Mexico City,1975), Leandro Pérez (Burgos, 1972), Melanie Taylor (Panama, 1972), Luna Miguel (Madrid, 1990) and Juan Bonilla (Cádiz, 1966). Directed by Elena Medel, the magazine has celebrated its tenth anniversary and remains steadfast in its focus on literary excellence, balancing on a fineline between famous authors and new discoveries. It is a journal that wants to mark the difference between people who read and people who do not, and to make reading its standard.

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