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Eñe 51 (Lo único que nace)


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In this issue, Sergio del Molino reflects on the social prestige of literature, which in past decades was unquestionable but today is starting to be disputed. However, there is always a group of devotees that still find a space for understanding life in literature.

The annual calls for the short-story award Cosecha Eñe demonstrate this loyalty — literature always persists, it always find its space. Héctor Abad Faciolince, one of the most strangely human authors today, testifies to this loyalty in his unsettling Diary, and so does the Conversation with Manuel Vicent.

David Flores’ images display this same organic persistence — sprouts of green life in burnt forests, on arid soil. Seeing lush jungles may be amazing, but it’s much more suggestive to see a flower blooming amid dross or in the middle of the dessert.

Literature’s prestige is equally fragile and signifying. Each year, Eñe harvests a group of these green shoots emerging from rocky ground. Here are the ones of 2017.

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