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EÑE 53. Remake

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One could say that since the Epic of Gilgamesh and Homer’s works nothing essentially new has been written. Everything was there already, in humanity’s first known texts. Writers that came afterwards have just copied or repeated the same books, even those who don’t think they are  inheritors of any tradition.

Joyce wrote an odyssey that was nothing like the Odyssey, but at the same time it was. In 2010, Agustín Fernández Mallo published a book titled El hacedor (de Borges). Remake [Dreamtigers (by Borges). Remake] which had to be taken off the market. Homage, plagiarism, vampirism, inspiration? Or is it just honesty? This ironic game became one of Postmodernity’s trademarks: if there is nothing new under the sun, why not openly take the same mud and model it with new forms? This is precisely what authors such as Manuel Vilas, Begoña Huertas and Claudia Piñeiro do in this number of Eñe. Alongside them, other texts by Soledad Puértolas, Juan Pablo Villalobos and Luis Antonio de Villena, among others, complete the issue.

The guest photographers on this occasion, Cortis & Sonderegger, delve into this same mystery. They reconstruct historical events with models, which they photograph as if they were real. They also mimic images by renowned photographers, repeating and transforming them.

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