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With this number, OjodePez has undergone a renovation and now includes a section called Dossier, which offers 50 pages on a specific theme, in this case ideologies. To this end, it publishes the magnificent work of Lars Willumeit.

Other sections also enhance the magazine, such as 20 pages devoted to new emerging talents: PhotoEspaña Portfolio.

Furthermore in Point of View, an expert photographer gives us a tour of works that are difficult to find. Here, Jordi Bernardó accompanies us as we take a glance at the young talent Taj Forer,the creator of ethnographic images.

Another new section is Work in Progress, which shows a long-term photographic project. To begin, issue 21 offers the work of Ziyah Gafic, who has documented objects from the mass graves in Bosnia after the war that affected the country.

Finally, our Agenda adopts a new format. Ute Noll provides a selection of events, books and exhibitions recommended for the upcoming months.

And all of this wrapped in a new image thanks to an updated graphic design and the perspective of the first OjodePez Photo Meeting Barcelona, which will be held in July this year.

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