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Surplus City Korea

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There is no other country as dynamic as Korea. Ever since the war of the 1950s, South Korea has had to live as one of the peninsula’s divided half, struggling to achieve both economic development and democratization. Interestingly enough, those two objectives were achieved simultaneously rather than in order. Intense longing for democracy was widespread from the 1960s through the 1980s, yet, ironically, this was the very period when the country accomplished extraordinary economic growth under the dictator’s leadership. Of course, it is true that the strong passion of the people who made development possible was the power behind democratization. However, going through Japan’s colonial rule, a civil war, the political trauma of an authoritarian regime and economic growth in such a short period of time, inevitably left side effects on Korean society . What we see today in South Korea is perhaps a residue of sorts from these historical events.

Surplus City Corea, by the photoeditor Sujong Song and Sekwon Ahn, Duck Hun Hwa, Byung Sang Bang, Yeondoo Jung, Sung Soo Koo, Suntag Noh...

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