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Arianna Rinaldo, Director of OjodePez, is the photoeditor this time.

Eleonora Cavelli, Alinka Echeverria, Dina Litovsky, Vicky Méndiz, Dana Popa, Agnieszka Rayss and Jana Romanova: women photographers are the main characters in this issue of OjodePez. On the occasion of the 2012 OjodePez Photo Meeting in Barcelona, OjodePez decided to dedicate a whole issue to them. The panorama, obviously not exhaustive, showcases female professionals very young, with few completed projects, but the ability to go deep into the story. All of them have a very special vision. They manage to document the ordinary with an extraordinary voice. It is often debated what type of eye the woman photographer has, in comparison to the male lens. Without stereotyping, it is quite clear to me that there is a special sensibility and sensitivity in the female glance. There is certainly a tendency to focus on themes like the body, family, beauty, and emotions that deal with certain issues, such as relationships, self-representation, identity and generational changes. But this does not limit the spectrum of the stories told, which speak of politics, human rights, social patterns, death, hardship, progress, resilience, justice.

Work in Progress: L´Enfant Femme, by Rania Matar, born and raised in Lebanon, consists in a series of portraits of young teens or pre-teens, investigating how they interactwith the camera.

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