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Álvaro Laiz (The Hunt)


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Álvaro Laiz

Publisher: RM + Dewi Lewis
104 pages
7 x 9.4 in
Design: Ramón Pez

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The Hunt could be the book that conciliates the documentary photography world, the artistic field and the photo-book making. With great doses of anthropologic and journalistic investigation, Laiz beautifully and delicately documents a fantastic and magic as rough and dodgy animistic story. The narrative far from being traditional, is an immersive dream of memories, fantasy, folklore and reality, put together as a song sung from parents to children

The intrinsic design compiles the journey both the author and the hunters follows through a landscape of mystery, mysticism and human challenges. Text, photography and research merges across the transparencies and superpositions of the white taiga. What I like the most about this object is how rounded it is. There is not a single piece out of tune, all blends together in a soft, harmonic and coherent way, “a rare mix of strategy and instinct”.

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