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Javier Arcenillas (UFO Presences)


Pages: 116
Size: 24´5 x 19 cm.
Language: English

An aesthetic reflection about how the UFO phenomenon got into the pop culture

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The singular phenomenon of visitors from other planets leads us to reflect on notions of solitude and abandonment, on the void and the immensity of the universe. UFO presences can be detected in the most hidden-away places, like a mystery of the landscape. UFO Presences conceptualizes the places where these strange phenomena have transformed their surroundings, endowing them with a singular energy. The UFOs have always been there, but over the last fifty years, and especially with the development of the world of communications and the image, they have become more palpable and genuine. The many stories in this photobook constitute peculiar metaphors of the visual concept of the UFO phenomenon.

Javier Arcenillas won the 6th RM Photobook Prize with this project.

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