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Fenómeno fotolibro


Dimensions: 19 × 26 cm.
Pages: 112
Languages: Spanish, Català, English

Authors: Moritz Neumüller,Lesley A. Martin,Markus Schaden,Frederic Lezmi, Martin Parr, Horacio Fernández, Ryuichi Kaneko, Gerry Badger,Erik Kessels, Irene de Mendoza

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Photobooks have become increasingly popular in recent years and occupy a central place in contemporary photography. Nowadays, more photobooks are produced, bought and sold, swapped and collected than ever before. Independent publishing.

And the self-publishing of books and fanzines have become a phenomenon that has had a considerable impact on both the publishing industry and the art world, and there is an evident return to the printed object, even though we are at the height of the digital era. Many artists have found this format to be not only a good tool for showing their work, but also the perfect place for experimentation and creativity. In addition, there is a growing interest in reinterpreting the history of photography through the role of the photobook and printed photographs.

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