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Alejandro S. Garrido (Corea. A parallel story)


Laguages: cast. eng.

208 pages

Black and white

23,5  x 17 cm

COREA. The Parallel Story of Six [ill-named] Slums During and After the Fascist Dictatorship of General Franco and Its Correlation with the Anti-Communist Affairs Between Spain and the U.S.A.

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Two events of assymetryc historic relevance took place in Spain in the first half of the 1050s. First, the signing of the Bilateral Agreement for Mutual Defense with the USA, the Pact of Madrid of 1953, signed during the rise of the Cold War. It shaped the development of Spanish politics, during and after the ditatorship, to a certain degree, until the country attained NATO membership in 1986. The second event materialized as a historically insignificant anecdote, in the shade of the first. All over the nation, marginal urbanisation projects opened, social housing that could barely contain the massive flood of people leaving the countryside for the cities or those who huddle simply in unsanitary homes. They were named after the dictator (Barriada de Francisco Franco, Grupo Generalísimo Franco) or a Virgin (La del Perpetuo Socorro, La Inmaculada) but it did not take long before they were known by a different name, taking that of the war against communism led by the American friend half-way around the world: “Corea”.

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