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Andrés Medina (Río)

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1st Edition,2017

150 copies

20 x 31,5 cm

48 pages 

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This book talks about walking, moving slowly, through the landscape, like a river. This book questions about who we are in the world, and of an ancient need, of a sense of belonging, of reunion with our true essence, nature. Steve Bisson

Río, the book, comes from enormous photographic archive of a five years' work. The project began in early 2011, when Andrés Medina started taking pictures near the Tagus river, through the town of Aranjuez, Spain. At that time he was living very close to that area and he often enjoyed walking around and exploring this territory. He felt very much connected with nature and the landscape in a poetic sense. Often he found himself wandering for hours deep into the river environment. Then he decided to gradually expand his explorantion along the river Tagus, from Guadalajara to Madrid's Community, ending in the Province of Toledo. Further on in 2012, he become conscious that the project was far beyond one river, and deepening on the universal meaning of the "river", as an idea or concept. The river landscape in a wider sense. So he moved to others rivers, the Manzanares, Jarama, Eresma... From 2011 to 2015 he kept on taking pictures. Then, in 2015, he began to think about a book...

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