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The new collection PHotoEspaña Books it begins with the Catalogue PHotoEspaña 2010: Time.

This year, PHotoEspaña gathers the experience of the time in its various visual meanings and expressions. This volume meditates about the contingent, the ephemeral, the unstable, practices related to the archive and the experience of memory.

Images by the main authors exhibited during the festival complement and support the theoretic frame.

Bleda y Rosa
Tacita Dean
Roman Signer
Harold Edgerton
Jeff Wall
Óscar Muñoz
Collier Schorr
Helen Levitt
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Henry Fox Talbot
Sánchez Castillo
Michael Snow
David Claerbout
Chris Marker
Jem Southam
Adriana Lestido
Jean-Luc Godard
Jochen Lempert
Alvin Baltrop

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