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Allmineral. Torste Hattenkerl

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Eleven years ago Leipzig photographer Torsten Hattenkerl was given an
unusual commission, to create a running document about the international
mineral processing company Allmineral and their many global locations. The
request was not only to record the plants and workers but to explore the towns
and communities that supported the plants. From Africa to Europe to Asia
the hardware remained the same but the landscape, people and flavor change
drastically. The earth turned bright rust, landscapes turned urban or rural and
factory offices were full of color or almost empty. Suprisingly the final product,
sort of a 21st century annual report, is a deeply engaging portrait of a global
corporation and the cultures it works within. The oversized volume begins in
black and white but quickly moves on to color where the tempo of the book
really is set. Media theorist David Sittler contributes an engaging essay to top
off an excellent publication.

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