Eñe 50 | Soy lo que no soy

Eñe 50 (Soy lo que no soy)

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Pages: 112
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Eñe arrives to its 50th issue, one of those round anniversaries that allow us to look back and take stock. There have been around six thousand pages, with the signature — in one way or another — of almost all the important authors of the past decade. It can be said — without arrogance but with pride — that the history of twentieth-century literature in Spanish is inside Eñe.

For this issue, we’ve asked the authors the impossible: to be what they are not, to write about things they don’t know, about what they hate, about what they somehow ignore.

We are also recovering a superb short story by Luis Goytisolo, published at the beginning of his career, which had never been re-published since. Its protagonist is a mischievous villain. Will the writer be in his own skin, or will
he be what he is not?

Featured authors:
Carlos Zanón, Enrique Vila-Matas, Antón Castro, Marta Sanz, Ariana Harwicz, Luis Cremades, Luis Goytisolo, Pilar Adón, Nuria Barrios, Gema Nieto, Rosa León, Clara Janés, Vicente Molina Foix, Jesús Marchamalo, Fernando Royuela, Sergio del Molino, Juan Gómez Bárcena

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