Anatomía del Movimiento

Anatomía del Movimiento

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Scientific experiments, where the possible findings were not previously conceived.


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Harold Edgerton (United States of America, 1903-1990) was above all, more than a photographer with purely artistics concerns, a researcher and a scientist in search of new modes to see and to perceive the world. His images should be understood as visual and scientific experiments, where the possible findings were not previously conceived.

Also available in spanish.

Edgerton used many of those snapshots as "works in progress" from where he could develop and perfect the discoveries that emerged with every new experiment.

His particular modus operandis allowed him to record routine events through a system of high-speed electronic flashes, patented and developed by him.

Beyond his unbelievable capacity as an inventor and as an electric engineer, he has also left a magnificent legacy as a photographer, which makes it impossible to separete his scientific from his artistic nature.

At the end of his life, he asserted that he had not yet found the perfect geometry which he had sought in the splash of a simple drop of milk, or the path of a bullet through an apple.

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