Writings, Eduardo Chillida

Writings, Eduardo Chillida

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Pages: 124
Size: 14,5 x 22 cm
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Binding: hardcover
Lenguage: English
ISSN: 978-84-17769-10-9
A unique and completely new compilation of Chillida ́s personal writings.


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Throughout his career, Eduardo Chillida never stopped questioning everything relevant to his commitment to art. Without intending to create a deliberation parallel to his work, he used writing as a way to keep his thoughts, using notebooks, fragments of paper, and margins of drawings. He did so intermittently, without a pre-established order. They were intimate reflections, handwritten for his own use, destined to preserve the questions to which he repeatedly returned.

This volume brings together all of his writings, mostly unpublished to date, compiled and edited in collaboration with the artist’s family. They are divided into five sections: Gazes, where Chillida addresses issues such as perception, knowledge, the sea, human rights, and religious belief, all connected by the bond of poetry; The Artist’s Codes, a chapter that gathers his reflections on creation; I am an Outsider to the Law, a long text written in prose that is thought to be a conference draft; Questions, an entry speech for the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, a synthesis of the essential issues that concerned him as an artist throughout his life; and Homages, where the sculptor pays tribute to poets, writers, philosophers, and artists, including Gabriel Aresti, Pío Baroja, Johann Sebastian Bach, Joan Brossa, Joan Miró, Mark Rothko, and María Zambrano, among many others.

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