Roni Horn: Doubt Box: Book IX of To Place

Roni Horn: Doubt Box: Book IX of To Place

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Roni Horn's To Place is an ongoing series of small editions, each book a unique look at the relationship between identity and location. They take as their starting point Iceland and Horn's evolving experiences there, illustrated in watercolors, photographs, typographic drawings, and text. Doubt Box is the ninth book in the set, printed in a limited edition of 1,000 copies, and it comes in the form of a collection of 28 loose two-sided images printed on cards, which makes for 56 color reproductions. One face of each shows the glacial river Skaftá, proverbially both changing and constant. The other shows any of a collection of possibilities--a boy, an iceberg, birds. Each card offers a hybrid, a composite, while together they suggest the universality of duality, and particularly the dual nature of identity

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