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Barcelona. Fotos (prohibidas)


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This volume, with a foreword by Rodrigo Fresán, presents a selection of politically incorrect, irreverent, stolen, furtive, censored or forbidden photographs of Barcelona, which tell a very different story of the city—that of the rebel Barcelona, which didn’t submit to conventions; the secret Barcelona, which didn’t appear in the media; the unknown Barcelona, which didn’t seem to exist or wasn’t accounted for.

They are images of every kind: some are anecdotic, others are harsh, some are really harsh, and there are also very beautiful ones. But all of them, whichever kind they may be, convey a sense of risk, adrenaline, excitement and even fear or consternation.

From the well-known images of street prostitution by Txema Salvans to the 2017 terrorist attack covered by Samuel Aranda for the New York Times, the 15-M movement, clandestine dens and flophouses, bootleggers, squatters, the police charges on 1 October and much more, Barcelona. Las fotos prohibidas is a portrait of the hidden Barcelona through the lens of over 30 photographers who knew how to be at the right place at the precise moment, and didn’t hesitate when it came to shooting their cameras.


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