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Handmade Spain is a guide of the best handicrafts in the country. It features an exclusive selection of 100 workshops and tells the excellence stories they hide.

This book is a journey to discover the finest of Spain’s cultural heritage though its arts and crafts: artisans, designers, small businesses and centenary institutions that share their commitment to quality, to hand-made work and to the preservation of our cultural legacy.

Handmade Spain includes practical information on each workshop (addresses, telephone numbers, opening times...), but it also shows the manufacturing processes, the materials they use, the atmosphere in them, and all the small details that make these places unique.

It is a publication that conveys the same dedication and caress as the artisans themselves: excellent photographs and essays come together in a well-cared edition that will delight craftsmanship enthusiasts, as well as serving as a unique travel guide through Spanish traditional culture.

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