Jorge Carrión, Madrid: Books of books

Jorge Carrión, Madrid: Books of books

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Book of books is a collaboration between the writer Jorge Carrión and the photographer Alberto García-Alix. This book is part of the Ivorypress Cities series, which explores the vision of a place through the words of a writer and the gaze of an artist. 


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As a dictionary, from A to Z, this publication covers some of the most characteristic places of the book in Madrid, where each fragment makes up, like a puzzle, the fascinating bookish landscape of the capital. Each of its pieces reconstructs part of the history, the objects, the conversations, the memories, the anecdotes, the sensations and even the phantasmagoria of the cultural spaces dedicated to books in Madrid. A text that is also a symbolic gesture, that protects from oblivion and helps to understand another dimension of the city, invisible for many. Bookstores, streets, public and private libraries, foundations, cafes ... places that are or have been and that make up the different reading routes that the work proposes. Jorge Carrión has traveled and studied all these places, sometimes accompanied by Alberto García-Alix, whose images accompany us throughout the book and give life to this fascinating journey. Through analysis, interviews and trips, the author narrates a part of the city little known until now. On these routes, we also discover many protagonists of this book of books, among which the writers Ramón Gómez de la Serna and Max Aub, the chroniclers Ramón de Mesonero Romanos and Carmen de Burgos, the painter Maruja Mallo and García himself stand out. -Alix.

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