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OjodePez nº 14
OjodePez nº 14
OjodePez nº 14
OjodePez nº 14
OjodePez nº 14
OjodePez nº 14
OjodePez nº 14
OjodePez nº 14
OjodePez nº 14

OjodePez nº 14

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PHotoEspaña OjodePez Human Values 2008.


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This issue features the work of the winner and finalist of  PHotoEspaña OjodePez Volkswagen Human Values Award 2008.

The PHotoEspaña OjodePez Volkswagen Human Values Award represents a huge cultural endeavour sponsored by Volkswagen and supported by an established festival such as PHotoEspaña with vast experience in the field of photography. The prize rewards photographic projects in which solidarity, ethics or justice feature prominently as a reflection on life.


Olivia Arthur (United Kingdom, 1980)
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Olivia Arthur specialises in documentary photography and currently lives in the United Kingdom. Based on a month’s work in the cities of Teheran and Ispahan, and the Caspian Sea, Beyond the Veil reveals to western audiences the life of a group of women in Iran, portrayed via a series of images far removed from those that accompany the habitual headlines.

Honorary Mention:

Matías Costa (Buenos Aires, 1973)

Matías Costa is a journalist and photographer. In Cargo, Matías Costa sheds light on the harsh situation experienced by the sailors who are abandoned by their skipper at any port around the globe, forfeiting their pay if they abandon the ship themselves. An example of this practice is the Soviet fishing fleet following the collapse of the USSR.


Daniel Stier: In my country is a portrayal by this German photographer of immigrants in London dressed up in typical costume to promote the virtues of rural life, life in miniature.

Krisanne Johnson: Coming of Age by this photographer born in Ohio (USA) portrays the hard life of adolescents in Swaziland (Africa).

Stefano de Luigi: Produced over the course of five years, Blindness reflects the living conditions of the visually impaired in different parts of the world in an attempt to shed light on the plight of 45 million people.

Jürgen Stein: Comando 5 is a project about firefighters in Havana. The images show aspects of the daily life of these professionals and the training exercises they perform in an abandoned sports centre. The structure of the corps resembles a military organisation.

Johann Rousselot: The agricultural crisis of 2006 in the Indian region of Vidharba caught the attention of the media and that of this young Belgian photographer. In 2002 the US multinational biotechnology firm Monsanto received permission from the Indian government to cultivate genetically modified cotton seeds.

Frank Rothe: The Artek summer camp, which he was shortlisted to attend, provides the setting for the project.

Maziar Moradi: In his project 1979, this photographer, who emigrated with his family after war broke out between Iran and Iraq, narrates the story of an Iranian family who lost nearly everything as a result of revolution and war. Forced out of their homes, the family members dispersed.

Rena Effendi: Born in Azerbaijan, in House of Happiness she explores an institution that has survived from the Soviet regime obliging couples to register their marriage. Considering that polygamy is practised in the name of Islam and arranged marriages are the social norm, this is fairly ironic.


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